Francis Devereux

January 11, 2009

6GB of RAM in a MacBookPro4,1

Filed under: Hardware — frankoid @ 2:53 pm

I have recently been working with VMware Fusion VMs at the same time as running other memory-hungry apps such as IntelliJ IDEA and NeoOffice on my Early 2008 MacBook Pro 15″.  Even with 4GB of RAM, the maximum officially supported, the machine would still start paging heavily from time to time.  After reading this thread on I decided to try replacing one of my 2GB DIMMs with a 4GB one.  I bought a G.Skill 4GB DIMM from and it’s working great.  Here’s the obligatory System Profiler screenshot:


System Profiler Screenshot

System Profiler Screenshot


Note: I wouldn’t recommend using 2 4GB DIMMs for a total of 8GB because people who have tried it have reported problems.


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